Dennis Wong of YOR Health Shares His Thoughts on the Future of Network Marketing


According to YOR Health founder Dennis Wong, network marketing is considered to be one of the rising strategies in American business. Dennis Wong maintains that network marketing has helped numerous individuals succeed in their professional goals independent from major corporations.

Dennis Wong is quick to point out that network marketing differs from other forms of sales. For instance, direct selling involves an individual who sells a product or service to another individual directly. On the other hand, network marketing relies on the establishment of personal relationships to build sales for a business. Dennis Wong views network marketing as an opportunity to confer with like-minded individuals for the benefit of the general consumer.

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Dennis Wong Talks Networking Marketing for Nutritional Products

Dennis Wong

In May 2008, Dennis Wong established YOR Health as the first and only network marketing company to concentrate specifically on digestive health within the nutritional products market. The stated philosophy of YOR Health, says Dennis Wong, focuses on hard work and determination, with long-range planning by the leadership team to benefit all consumers.

Q: What is the basis of good business practices?

Dennis Wong: The continued development of relationships is critical in any industry—and maintaining these connections will augur well for future success. Plus, an emphasis has been placed on customer service that is centered around a timeless and effective product.

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Dennis Wong Says Teamwork is Crucial for Successful Life and Business

In life and in business, teamwork is very important, according to YOR Health founder Dennis Wong. It is vital that all YOR Health team members accomplish the same goals, says Wong. When teamwork is good, people feel better about their lives and everyone has a more positive attitude.

According to Dennis Wong, “teamwork” means everyone shares the same vision and destination. Each person needs to work hard, do his or her best, and hold their own for the entire team to succeed. All members in a company should be considered equal in how the company becomes a success.

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How Dennis Wong and YOR Health Are Changing Lives

Dennis Wong

Dennis Wong is the co-founder of YOR Health, a company based in Irvine, Calif., that offers nutritional products to an international customer-base. A self-made millionaire before age 30, Dennis Wong has achieved the American dream and is showing others how they can do the same.

Q: Please tell me the secret to YOR Health’s astounding success.

Dennis Wong: I wouldn’t call it a secret. We make information available to anyone interested in learning how to attain amazing success in their business and personal lives. Because of the conscientious efforts of YOR Health independent representatives, every day the company is changing lives through our innovative products.

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Weathering The Storm: Dennis Wong of YOR Health explains Entrepreneurial Opportunity

Dennis Wong

On today’s economic roller coaster, it’s all about strapping in and taking the twists and turns without fear, says Dennis Wong.

Q: What does YOR Health offer those looking to reclaim a financial foothold?

Dennis Wong: YOR Health provides individuals the chance to promote a group of products they can feel good about. Our nutritional line has undergone extensive research and stringent quality control measures to ensure only the most effective products make it to market. These products fall in line with today’s global understanding that the body is what it consumes, making them in demand in all economic situations.

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Dennis Wong on Leading Social Networks

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